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Emily Magee

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We caught up with the owner, Emily Magee, and asked her some questions about what makes her business so successful.

What inspired you to start this business?
Through my own healing experience, I learned that with the right tools, the body can heal itself. It was so life changing that I knew I had to get into nutrition as a career (I previously worked in public accounting!). Most Americans are on prescription medications to cover up symptoms without ever finding out the root causes of their issues. Therefore, their problems are never solved. Then they are put on more medications to deal with the side effects of the prior medications. I can help people be free of this vicious cycle. While traditional medicine does have it's place, it's not always the answer.
When I got pregnant, I naturally became very interested in pregnancy, postpartum and infant nutrition. This then led me down the rabbit hole of natural birth. After taking a childbirth education class and learning firsthand how valuable it was, I knew I had to add childbirth educator to my repertoire.

What keeps you going every day?
I feel so passionate about what I do. I have numerous patients with chronic issues finally feel better after starting a Nutrition Response Testing program. Yet there are still so many people who need help! So many people are just used to feeling like garbage and they don't even realize it. Then they wonder why their blood pressure is so high or why their joints ache everyday. I am so confident in this skill and positive that I can help a person when they walk through the door. I love that feeling.

What is your favorite part about your business?
Witnessing bodies heal everyday! I would like to call it a miracle but it's really not. It's simply giving the body the nutrition it needs and letting it do its thing!

List the services you provide
Nutrition Response Testing Practitioner and Birth & Beyond Childbirth Educator & Doula

Out of all of the services you provide, what would you say is your specialty?
Nutrition Response Testing

What is one thing you would like us to know about your business?
If you think you have a health issue that can't be solved with nutrition and that it's "just my normal", think again. That's what I thought until I started a Nutrition Response Testing program anyway and learned first hand that the unthinkable can happen.

What is the best compliment you've received about your services?
That I changed someones life! 🙂

What makes your business unique?
Using Nutrition Response Testing, I am able to communicate with the body so that I can determine the underlying causes of a person's health issues. I can then determine what each individual body needs in order to heal. Using this information, I provide patients with a specific, individualized nutrition plan.

Thank you Emily for sharing with us and giving us insight to your business!