Julie Scott


Meet Julie Scott

Hey! My name is Julie and I live in Riverhead for pretty much my entire life. I have been married to my middle school sweetheart for thirteen years. We have built a beautiful family, home, and two fairly new businesses. I am the owner and doula of Twinforks Doula, and my husband owns a HVAC business.

I am a stay at home/ work at home mother and birth doula. I am grateful that my husbands office is based out our home and I can work in my pajamas with my babies. I also have the flexibility to be present for my older children in all things school and sports!

What did you used to do? Before both my husband and I followed our passions I worked in a local hospital as a lab technician.

What is something you’ve always wanted to do? I have always wanted to travel to Ireland and Australia. Still waiting for the perfect time. I remind myself to never stop dreaming and having life goals.

Do you have kids? I have four beautiful children. Mikayla, Maurice,Maleah, and Makenna.

What are some of your talents? I am great at listening and being a calm energy when people need it most.

What are your interests? My family enjoys camping and skiing every year. Personally I am into holistic health and I am in awe of birth. I have a passion for supporting women and becoming whatever they need as they transform into someone they have never met before.

What made you want to become a volunteer? I have a heart to always help and support people. Birth and motherhood truly takes a village which I hope to help women by being a part of their village as the build. I may not have all the answers but I have the willingness to be there for any woman searching for someone to lean on.