Meet Alex Blyden

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We caught up with the owner, Alex Blyden, and asked her what makes her business so successful.
🥑What inspired you to start this business?
🥦 Helping others with their health issues is my passion since I was really sick once and overcame it through muscle testing,diet change, herbs and vitamins/minerals. I thought I would never be able to have children with how sick I was so crohns and Lyme disease, but through nutrition I was able to birth a child -my miracle baby.
🥑How long have you been in this business?
🥦8 years
🥑List all of the services you offer:
🥦Nutrition counseling
Nutrition Response Testing
Morphogenic Field Technique
Food sensitivity assessments
🥑Out of all of the services that you offer, what would you say is your specialty?
🥦Muscle testing for sure
🥑What keeps you going every day?
🥦<My passion for people and the work I do that helps others. I love that I can go to work and love doing what I do while also supporting my family at the same time.
🥑What is your favorite part of your business?
🥦My amazing clients 🙂
🥑What is the best compliment you received about your business?
🥦That we have the most healing energy the second they walk through our doors, and no matter what they leave feeling better just by being there.
🥑What is one thing you would like us to know about your business?
🥦We are here to help you get better completely naturally- through nutrition anything is possible! We are here to help ANY age, infant-senior.
🥑What makes your business unique?
🥦The personalized care you get by sitting with us and just telling us your life story and why your there, but also the way we assess is pretty unique since we use muscle testing to find nutritional deficiencies.
Thank you Alex for sharing with us and giving us a peek into the incredible work you do for the community!🥑🥦