Meet Betty Train


Betty is retired from working as a computer technician for a school district. Betty has held many positions over the years but being with her family has always been her top priority.

Betty always wanted to see the birth of her baby but they really didn’t encourage you back in the 70's. It was hard because her husband was in the Navy and was away a lot.


Her first birth,she got a saddle block in the delivery room. She was told to push even though she didn’t have any contractions. This gave her really bad leg cramps. She thought that the last pain must be really be painful because you had to get a shot in the back. She really wished she knew more.


She wanted to have a drug free birth with her last birth. Her and her husband took a Lamaze class so that my husband could be there in the delivery room.   That’s when she decided that she didn’t want to be in the dark.


She is so proud of her daughter Jenn. She has learned so much from her.


Her other passion is working with computers. She worked as a Computer technician for ten years in a school district.


She wishes they had a community group like Birth and Beyond Resources that she could have joined. It is much better to be educated.

It takes the fear out of childbirth.