Meet Lindsay Caldiero

Lindsay Caldiero

Lindsay is a New York State Licensed Social Worker and mama to two littles. She lives on the north shore of Long Island with her husband, daughter, and son along with a gaggle of chickens, goats, and turkeys who make up the “Little Farm on the Sound”. Lindsay has spent over a decade in local non-profits working in areas including community mental health, domestic violence and sexual assault services, and special education where she has held both leadership and direct clinical service positions. Additionally, Lindsay has a plethora of both local and international volunteer work including homeless outreach in Washington D.C, coalition building in Nicaragua, and serving as a rape crisis counselor for the Suffolk County SANE program. She is passionate about improving maternal mental health and has a special passion for increasing access to postpartum support for new parents. Lindsay believes in the power of self-determination and empowering women to make their own decisions surrounding pregnancy, birth, and parenting. She holds dual master’s degrees including a Master of Social Work from Stony Brook University and a Master of Science in Human Service Leadership from St. Joseph’s University.