MamaMoon Removal

We're sorry we couldn't make it work!

Before you remove yourself from the MamaMoon Program, we want you to know a few things:

  • We do visits up to a year postpartum but we have never turned away a request!
  • We do visits for all new families, whether or not they are struggling. So even if you're in a good place, we would still love to bring you a MamaMoon.
  • Although we hope this doesn't apply to you, we do grievance visits for those who have experienced loss. If this applies to you, please accept our love and condolences, and consider signing up for a grievance visit here.
  • Feel uneasy about strangers coming to your home? Believe me, I know the feeling! Please know, we interview each and every volunteer as well as complete reference checks before they go on any visit. Also, we have put together profiles for all of our volunteers. You can review these profiles at any time here (password: iambeautiful) so we seem less like strangers and more like family in your village.
  • If this has changed your mind and you want to plan your visit, please click here.