Our Mission

We support families during pregnancy, birth and postpartum  by providing resources and personal and financial support.

Jenn Barry started Birth and Beyond Resources in 2016 when an overwhelming need for support for pregnancy, birth, and postpartum became evident.

We set out to remove the boundaries for new families to get the support that is necessary to meet their goals, whether that be a low risk pregnancy, an informed birth, or a smoother postpartum period.

We feel like your experience can be very different with access to the right resources... let us help clear the path!

On this site, you will find quality resources that have been recommended by your community. This means that the list is exclusive... not just a yellow pages for services. Is there something you're looking for that isn't listed? Contact us and let us know!

You will also find PREFERRED PROVIDERS who have proven their excellence in services.

Feel free to use the search function to find something specific, like a pediatric dentist, or browse the site. We have the resources divided into three areas: prenatal, birth, & postpartum.

Introducing Project Hero Scholarship Fund

We appreciate the heroes that serve us. If you are in the medical field, if you or someone in your immediate family serves or has served in the armed forces or law enforcement, we are honoring you with FULL scholarships to become a Childbirth Educator and Doula. 

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Want to become a DOULA?

Interested in becoming a Birth or Postpartum Doula? Birth & Beyond Resources makes it easy to do! We offer a virtual course with personal touches throughout! Our certification never expires and we do not charge yearly. We simply give you the education and tools you need to support those during their time.

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