Birth & Beyond Support Workshops

What are Support Workshops?

Support Workshops are Virtual Workshops run once a month via ZOOM. Birth & Beyond Resources partners with a professional serving the community to talk about hot topics, answering the long held questions of the community. 

We are pleased to be able to record these one hour workshops for review by anyone interested. Take a look at our past and future workshops below!

Upcoming Workshops - Registration Required


Losing Weight Support Workshop

Join Emily Magee, MS, CNS, as she gives us the top things we can do today to start losing weight.


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Past Workshops Available for viewing


Hacking into your Child's Behavior Support Workshop

Join Dani Viskovich as she helps us 'hack into' our children's behavior... hint... it starts with you!

Breaking the Picky Eating Habits

Click here for the recording and slideshow of our Support Workshop on Breaking the Picky Eating Habits, hosted by Emily Magee & Laura Rogers.

The Simplicity of Homeschooling

Download the video and slideshow with clickable links to all of the forms needed for homeschooling in NY State, guide to what kind of curriculum you should invest in, & much more!

Gentle Parenting Support Workshop

Click here for the recording of our Gentle Parenting Support Workshop. Guest Speaker, CLC and CBE, Catrina Percontino. A $10 donation is suggested but not required.


Weaning, A Gentle Approach

Join Jenn Barry as she helps you navigate your sleepless nights with your nursing toddler as well as how to gently wean once the time is right.

Trying to Conceive

Going Green Guide to Fertility

Join Wendie Pasterick Aston, Fertility Coach, Reiki Master, and Hypnobirthing Instructor, as well as author of Going Green Before You Conceive.


Home Birth 101 Support Workshop

Join us to learn about all things homebirth... statistics, what you need, local midwives, and more!


Hospital Birth without a Doula Support Workshop

Join us to learn about the key things you need to know about giving birth at a hospital without a doula.


Healing From Birth Trauma

Join Jenn Barry as she helps you navigate the aftermath of a traumatic birth. Whether your birth was 3 weeks ago, or 30 years ago, it's important to share your story. We will go through steps of the healing process and connect you with a healing group. Donations support Birth & Beyond Resources.

Becoming a Birth Professional

Where do you start if you're interested in becoming a birth professional, can you make a business out of it, and much more!


Healing with Homeopathy Support Workshop

Join Jonathan Kavner with Long Island Homeopath as he helps us navigate an introduction to homeopathics.

Vaccine Planning & Detox

Click here for the recording and slideshow of our Support Workshop on Vaccine Planning & Detox, hosted by Greer McGuinness.


Love Connection Support Workshop

Join Jenn Barry for a Special Valentine's Day Support Workshop... Love Connection. For a fun, interesting night to learn more about your partner and what you can do to connect.


Master Your Orgasm

Join Heather Simonson, Certified Sex Therapist, from Sea Change Wellness.


Natural Menopause Management

Join Amanda Sini from The Village Midwife as she helps us navigate menopause in a natural way.

The Pelvic Floor & Diastasis Recti Support Workshop

Watch the Workshop Recording to find out all about Diastasis Recti and Pelvic Floor Health. Guest Speaker Physical Therapist, Rachel Parrotta. A $10 donation is suggested but not required.

Stress and Self Care Support Workshop

How to manage stress during tumultuous times.


Buying & Selling Real Estate Support Workshop

Thinking about selling and relocating? Not sure what you should be thinking about when buying a home? Join Jamie Weinberg, one of the top real estate agents on Long Island, as she helps us navigate the real estate world today.