What is MamaMoon?

Watch the video below to see how MamaMoon was founded and to find out a little more about what happens on a MamaMoon visit.


MamaMoon's Mission

Guiding transitioning families on their postpartum journey with open hearts, active listening, referrals, and advice without judgment. Our goal is to shift energy back to the new parent and help them recognize their value, their beauty, and their importance.

Find out about our MamaMoon Lite Program!

Same mission with a twist♄

What you can expect from a MamaMoon Lite:

  • Access to quality postpartum resources and breastfeeding support
  • Connection with our professionally trained volunteers who will support and love you throughout your journey
  • A special care package delivered to your door

What can you expect from a MamaMoon visit?

Two of our volunteers come to your home during a time that works for everyone. We sit with you for around an hour or two. We listen. We nurture. We love. We try to remind you how valuable, loved & beautiful you are. We know that a lot of the attention has shifted to the new baby so our goal is to bring some back to you.

Our visits are designed to visit all types of new families! You don't have to be struggling, a first time mom, or newly postpartum! We visit up to a year postpartum.

Our volunteers have all been interviewed and reference checked by the board. Our Volunteer Profiles are on our MamaMoon Support group & on our MamaMoon Support Page. Our Support Page is password protected. You will receive this password when you sign up for a visit.

We currently have one active chapter for the program. Click below to find out how to sign up for a visit, how to volunteer & how to donate.

What is the community saying about MamaMoon?

Click here to see what some of the feedback has been on this program from those who have received visits.