What is Birth & Beyond Education?

Are you interested in a birth education and preparation class that will not only prepare you for labor but help you and your partner find the beauty of birth? Do you think an intimate class where a specialized, certified coach who is teaching with your best interests in mind is appealing? What about learning not just about the birth event but also about what to expect during your postpartum period, how to care for your newborn in a naturally minded way, and support with postpartum mood and anxiety disorders? We will connect you with a village of resources and personal support!

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Find a Birth & Beyond Educator & Class

We have several dedicated Certified Birth & Beyond Educators ready to answer your questions today! Click below to read about our Certified Childbirth Educators, check out their websites, and even text them a question right from the site.

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Virtual Birth & Beyond Education

Our full curriculum is now available virtually with all of the same perks as our regular course like activities and a Certified Birth Educator to guide you through.

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Become a Certified Childbirth Educator!

We run several in-person training courses throughout the year but now, becoming a Childbirth Educator has never been easier! We have a fully virtual training course available now! Take the first step to entering the birth or add it to your services!

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