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What is a Preferred Provider?

When Birth & Beyond Resources started, it was important for us to share resources that were recommended by our community. We also knew that there were certain businesses who went above and beyond with excellence in their field. As a means to highlight these businesses and also raise money for our organization, we created the business membership program.

Preferred Providers

Support Birth & Beyond Resources through business membership.

Have proven their excellent services through feedback from our community.

Meet the Team of Preferred Providers

All of the businesses below have submitted positive client reviews to Birth & Beyond Resources. We trust these businesses and providers in the field they specialize in.


Jenn Barry

Jenn is the CEO & Founder of Birth & Beyond Resources as well as Owner & Founder of The Village Sprout. Jenn provides Birth & Beyond Childbirth Education (she also trains and......

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Mary Betsellie

Mary is the from Sacred Space Birth Services. Mary is also the founder and owner at Traditional Doula & Midwifery Arts.

Noelle Beutler

Meet Noelle Beutler from Long Island Born. Noelle is the owner at Long Island Born. She is a birth and postpartum doula, a photographer specializing in birth photography, a placenta specialist and she rents birth pools.

Alex Blyden

Meet Alex Blyden from Wellness Done Naturally. Alex offers Nutrition counseling, Nutrition Response Testing, Morphogenic Field Technique, and Food sensitivity assessments. Alex is...

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Rachelle Bojer

Meet Rachelle Bojer from Lotus Physical Therapy, PC. Lotus Therapy is a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy Office offering Evaluation and treatment for: diastasis recti, pelvic floor dysfunction: pain, incontinence, prolapse, painful intercourse, pre-natal and postpartum pelvic floor check ups....

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Michelle Button

Meet Michelle Beutler from Passages Wellness & Counseling for Women. Michelle is the owner & founder at Passages & provides individual, couples, and group counseling services as well as community and professional education.

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Monet Dalpiaz

Meet Monet Dalpiaz, owner and founder of Core Consciousness, which is rehabilitation for Diastasis Recti and restoration of functional core strength. Monet was inspired to start this business because she had a Diastasis that was greater than 10 fingers. She was struggling with feeling weak, “empty,”...

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Janet Titmus-Deleterra

Meet Janet from North Shore Midwifery. NSM offers the full scope of midwifery...prenatal care, birth at home, well woman and problem focused GYN, lactation...

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Gaia Midwives

Meet Ashley Meccariello, Colleen Heinz, Michele Liot, and Amanda Sini from Gaia Midwives. Gaia is the only homebirth team on Long Island that

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Lisa Garcia

Meet Lisa Garcia from NurseMama. Lisa is a Registered Nurse, Certified Lactation Counselor, Certified Birth Educator and offers an array of services and support for birth and postpartum. Lisa became a...

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Laura Greco

photo cred: Jenna Emmerich 

Meet Laura Greco from Doe Eyed Photography. Laura was inspired to start her own photography business after becoming a mom. She offers Lifestyle Photography- Maternity, Newborn, Couples, Holiday, and more. Laura's specialty is.... 

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Dr. Siobhan Hanlon

Meet Dr. Siobhan Hanlon from Hanlon Health & Nutrition. Dr. Hanlon provides Naturopathic healthcare, nutritional advice, personal training and educational classes for children.  She has also recently added Homeschool classes for kids...

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Marie Kaminski

Meet Marie Kaminski from Lyrical Children Music Together. Marie offers music based programs which are designed to allow children to grow musically in a developmentally appropriate way. The focus of the Music Together® program is...

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Jonathan Kavner

Meet Jonathan Kavner from Long Island Homeopath. Jonathan offers Holistic Health Counseling, Acute Remedy Selection, & Cell Salt, Flower Essence, and Constitutional Consultations. Jonathan has...

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Stefani Kavner

Meet Stefani Kavner from Fit for Life with Stefani. Stefani is an Integrative Health Coach, NCCPT Personal Trainer & Pilates Instructor & Clinical Social Worker. Stefani offers one-on-one personal training, Pilates Mat classes, Weekly Health Coaching, Mental Health Counseling, & Nutritional Counseling....

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Dr. Lisa Lipari

Meet Dr. Lisa Lipari from Lipari Chiropractic and Family Wellness. Dr. Lipari started her business because of she wanted to help people heal their bodies physically in as natural away as possible. She specializes in chiropractic treatment and is certified in the Webster Technique...

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Emily Magee

Meet Emily Magee from Rooted in Love Family Health Services. Emily is a Nutrition Response Testing Practitioner and a Birth & Beyond Childbirth Educator. Emily was inspired to start this business because through her own healing experience, she learned that with the right tools...

Dr. Joseph Merckling

Meet Dr. Joseph Merckling from Merckling Family Chiropractic. Dr. Merckling has been in this business for 16 years. His specialty is prenatal chiropractic care. Dr. Merckling and his practice are always working for their patients and...

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Alexandra Monahan

Meet Alex Monahan from Moon and Sun Doula Care. Alex cares for families during their postpartum time through doula and breastfeeding support...

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Rachel Parrotta

Meet Rachel Parrota from Parrotta Physical Therapy. Rachel provides physical therapy for pregnancy, post-partum and pelvic health conditions. Rachel worked in Pelvic Health PT for 11 years as an employee. She transitioned to her own practice to be able to work closer to.... 

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Catrina Percontino

Meet Catrina Percontino from Mamma's Magical Milk.  Catrina offers In-home breastfeeding consultations, In-home private prenatal breastfeeding classes, Virtual breastfeeding consultations, Virtual prenatal breastfeeding classes, Email support packages, Gift certificates available....

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Sara Pereira

Meet Sara Pereira from Sensational Development Occupational Therapy.  Sensational Development is a family centered, family owned and operated, therapy practice. We specialize in sensory integration and greatly value family participation and education....

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Shoshana Pritzker

Meet Shoshana from Nutrition by Shoshana. Shoshana is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and offers nutrition counseling as well as information on prenatal nutrition, postnatal nutrition, breastfeeding, weight loss, introducing solids, baby led weaning, picky eaters, sensory nutrition therapy, toddler nutrition, etc...


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Alicia Salazar

Meet Alicia Salazar from Stay Balanced NY. Alicia offers holistic health coaching with an emphasis on targeting the endocannabinond system, a system that helps keep the body balanced for wellness through the use of CBD/hemp products, proper diet, exercise, and holistic therapies...

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Brianna Salvia

Meet Brianna Salvia from Breezy Chiropractic Family Wellness Center. Brianna offers Chiropractic for people of all ages, focus on kids and pregnant moms...

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Julie Scott

Meet Julie Scott from Twin Forks Doula. Julie is the owner of Twin Forks Doula. She offers support as a birth and postpartum doula as well as Birth & Beyond Childbirth Education, breastfeeding support and home birth pool rentals.

Heather Simonsen

Meet Heather Simonsen, owner and founder of Sea Change Holistic Wellness Center. Heather is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and AASECT Certified Sexuality Educator and Sex Therapist and was voted as Long Island’s Best Sex Therapist.  Heather’s education and experience in both counseling and health education, combined with her knowledge of integrative therapeutic techniques enable her to employ a truly holistic perspective of healing... 

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Ciara Starr Shea

Meet Ciara Starr Shea from Ora Nutrition & Wellness.  Ciara is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner providing a holistic, individualized approach to health. The majority of clients choose to go with her Nutritional Therapy Consultation...

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Jacquelyn Sheehan

Meet Jacquelyn Sheehan from Natural Beginnings Long Island. When Jacki was first pregnant, she was overwhelmed and fearful of what was to come. Her and her husband decided early on that they were going to take a birth education class to help....
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Marissa Sherov

Meet Marissa Sherov, LCSW, who provides individual and group psychotherapy, Holistic Health Coaching, Mindfulness Training and Workshops, with a specialty in Maternal Mental Health....

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Dr. Scott Siegel

Meet Scott A. Siegel, MD, DDS, FACS, FICS, FAAP. Northeast Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, PLLC. Dr. Siegel is an internationally renowned pioneering Tongue-Tie surgeon, mentored through medical...

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Alex Sullivan

Alex is Owner & Founder of Led By Love Birth Services, which supplies the community with birth education, birth doula services, and placenta services.


Jessica Sullivan

Meet Jessica Sullivan of Jessica Michelle Photo. Jessica was inspired to be a photographer because she's always loved photography, but after having her oldest, she really found she loved...

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Stony Brook Midwives

Meet the team of Stony Brook Hospital Midwives.

Dra. T'Karima Ticitl

Meet Dra. T'Karima Ticitl, Certified and Licensed Midwife, serving home births on Long Island, 5  boroughs, & New Jersey....


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Priscilla Wesson

Meet Priscilla Wesson, small business owner at Cozy N Cute Kids Boutique. 


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