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Are you ready to make a difference in your community... and possibly to your life? Giving back time to help others can be so rewarding. We have several volunteer positions available.


MamaMoon Volunteers

MamaMoon Volunteers

We are looking for volunteers to visit new mothers during their postpartum period. Volunteers must fill out an application and undergo a screening process, including a background check, reference checks, and interview with our Human Resources department. Volunteers must be able to visit, as needed, at least 4 times a year.

Outreach Team

Help Her Project Manager

This organization was all started with the Help Her Project.
All families should have access to quality resources and services regardless of their financial situation or their connection to providers. We believe that removing the obstacles can greatly change the experience for expecting & new families in a positive way.
Unfortunately, we do not have funds to open up applications for the Help Her Project, so we are looking for an individual to work on this team to help bring awareness to this great need and help with fundraising, resetting our application, and getting the word out there.

Programs Team

Doula Connection Manager

Our Doula Connection Manager is responsible for responding to our Doula Connection needs within 48 hours of the form being submitted. They review the answers from the submission and send out an email with three doula recommendations based on the answers. Possibility to increase to also postpartum.

Business Team

Business Member Manager

Our Business Members are a valued and vital part of our organization. Business Members have the opportunity to become Preferred Providers once they submit 5 positive reviews on their service to the community. Our Business Membership Manager would handle all new and renewed memberships, schedule Preferred Provider Highlights, and submit to our website manager for updating. Also responsible for Member retention and satisfaction, as well as Partnership Monday reminders.

Gift Manager

A Birth & Beyond Gift Certificate can be used towards any services listed on our website. 
Our Gift Manager would manage this process, and renew its mission to the community. Manager would also mail out the certificates to recipients or to the purchaser and keep track of sales/ reimbursing the providers.

Disparities Director

Black Birth Professionals Manager

We strive to connect birthing people of color with dedicated and experienced community birth professionals who are committed to supporting and educating birthers throughout their perinatal experience.
Our Black Birth Professionals and Black Birthers Matter Manager would be responsible for building our resources in this area as well as championing our Enhanced Knowledge Scholarship Program.

Enhanced Knowledge Scholarshop Program Manager

Giving access to quality training and education to those interested in being a part of the Birth & Beyond world. Full & Partial Scholarships available to all Volunteers, Board Members, People of Color, and the LGBTQIA+ Community. Our EKSP Manager would screen all applications that come in for the program, use a predetermined algorithm to determine eligibility, and then contact the applicant to let them know the determination. Manager would create coupon codes on our website to submit to recipients.


Volunteer's Corner

Are you already one of our volunteers? Visit our Volunteer's Corner for the Dashboard and helpful up to date information about our Programs.