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Birth & Beyond Gift Certificate

Don't you wish you could tell the people who want to buy you something to chip in for a postpartum doula? Or a home visit with a lactation counselor? Now you can...

Our 1-2-3 on BBR Gift Certificates:

  1. It's easy! Send your loved ones this link and you can use the gift certificate towards any resource listed on our site!
  2. Get what you really need, not just another cute onesie!
  3. Our gift certificates don't expire and they are printable from your computer!
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A good baby carrier

Ring slings, soft structured carriers, wraps, oh my! There are so many to choose from and it can be overwhelming! Whether or not a carrier works for you is a personal choice... one carrier might not feel good for you but will feel good for someone else.

Our 1-2-3 on baby wearing:

  1. Go to a baby wearing meetup. They have a library of carriers you can try before you by!
  2. Stick with ergonomic carriers and make sure the fabric covers knee to knee.
  3. As much as you feel your baby wants to see the world, avoid facing your baby outward while they are younger. It can overstimulate.


We asked our community what the best baby toys were and here's what we heard:

Our 1-2-3 on baby entertainment:

  1. Having a swing or rocker can help. This one is highly recommended.
  2. We have heard that this toy saved hours of crying.
  3. All of the toys in the world will not stand to test next to a stick and a box... trust us.


You really don't need to register for clothing but we want you to keep a few things in mind about infant clothing.

Our 1-2-3 on baby clothes:

  1. Skip the newborn clothing, unless you have a premie. If you have a full term baby who is more than 6-7 lbs, they will fit into 0-3 months from the start. Some babies even skip to 3-6 months.
  2. Don't get too much clothing! Babies grow... fast. They will be in and out of sizes in weeks! We strongly suggest secondhand clothing.
  3. Zip down or magnet closing pajamas allowing easy access for diaper changes (oh, and don't change diapers through the night unless there is stool!).
Marley (41)

If you're breastfeeding...

We feel that you shouldn't need to buy much to breastfeed... but if you should find yourself shopping, here are a few items you might invest in.

Our 1-2-3 on breastfeeding gear:

  1. Clothing - Double layer is the way to go. Put on a nursing tank under your regular shirt. When you're ready to nurse, pull up your shirt and down your tank. No need for the nursing cover and bonus... every outfit is a nursing outfit!
  2. Haakaa Pump - Catch that extra milk... trust us, you will want to!
  3. A good breastfeeding pillow. Some people prefer the my BrestFriend pillow and some prefer Boppy. We also think just a plain ol' pillow (or a few of them) will work!