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Estimated Time: 45 hours

Difficulty: Intermediate


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Birth Educator Training


Educator Welcome

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Birth Disparities

History of Birth 

Pregnancy Wellness

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Labor Class

Partner Class


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Labor Rehearsal Class


How to Facilitate a Fun & Engaging Class

The Business of CBE

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Educator Exam

What Others Have Said

Child Birth Educator
By: carissa.calder

I absolutely loved this course, the flexibility and ease as being able to learn at your own pace was super helpful with my 2 young children. Jen, was super quick to respond to my questions. I can't wait to start my other classes as well; I highly recommend.

Excellent course

Throughout this course i was amazed by how addicting it was. The further i got through the course the more i wanted to know. I would highly recommend this to someone new.

Informative and convenient

This course truly enhanced my personal and professional life. The self-paced feature is ideal for a stay-at-home mom with minimal free time. I am forever grateful for Jenn and can’t wait to give back to the community to help others prepare for birth!

Amazing course

This course is so easy to follow, packed with up to date information, provides great tips for getting started , and really helps you feel prepared to hit the ground running as an educator

5 star course

I am forever grateful for the amount of time and energy the Birth and Beyond team put into constructing this course . Everything was strategically placed and flowed so smoothly. I am so happy of all the knowledge I have gained from taking this course. All of my gained knowledge will definitely help my community of mothers.