Meet Liz Weaver from Let's Doula This Baby

Liz Weaver
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We are so happy to introduce our newest preferred provider, Liz Weaver & Let’s Doula This, Baby!
Practice Name: Let’s Doula This, Baby
Address: No physical address, We come to you
Facebook Page: letsdoulathisbaby
Instagram: letsdoulathisbaby
Contact Number: 631-258-7163
We caught up with Liz Weaver and asked her some questions about what makes her business so successful. Tune in!
πŸ—£What type of practice is Let’s Doula This, Baby?
πŸ‘‚Postpartum Doula care
πŸ—£List all of the services your business offers
πŸ‘‚ Mental, physical and emotional support
General newborn care
Sibling adjustment
Light housekeeping
Light meal prep
Light pet care
Organizing baby items/clothes
πŸ—£Out of all of the services you offer, what would you say is your specialty?
πŸ‘‚ Hard to say because I really love doing it all but I would have to say the multitasking. While the laundry is washing, the meal gets prepped, the dishwasher gets loaded, and help answer any questions Mom may have.
πŸ—£What inspired you to start this practice?
πŸ‘‚ My own postpartum experience 100%! I had struggled tremendously breastfeeding my first born and I wish I had the resources I have now to have gotten the help I needed. I had support but it would have been fantastic to have a doula come in for set hours and take care of me during recovery and my house and help with the baby.
πŸ—£How long have you been in this business/practice?
πŸ‘‚since 2022
πŸ—£What keeps you going every day?
πŸ‘‚ The love for these Mamas! I want to help empower every single mother and let her know how incredible she is and what an amazing mother she is!
πŸ—£What's your favorite part of your practice?
πŸ‘‚ Honestly, this sounds cliche, but all of it! I love going to their homes to help support Mom in whatever way she needs to help her feel empowered and confident as a Mother.
πŸ—£What makes your practice unique?
πŸ‘‚ My humor, ha! I like to sprinkle it in daily to lift the mood for Mom after a rough night or to make life feel a bit lighter at times.
πŸ—£What is the best compliment you've received about your business/practice?
πŸ‘‚ That I am a God send and that I am family to these families. It makes my heart so happy when a family compliments me. It's validation and who doesn’t like to be validated?
πŸ—£ What is one thing you would like the community to know about your practice?
πŸ‘‚ As a mother of two young kids, I understand the struggles that can come up in the early weeks/months. It's hard. It's beautiful. And it's everything in between. When you have the support of me or any postpartum doula, it gives you the opportunity to be with your family. To not have to worry about day to day tasks. All you have to do is recover and be with your baby.
Thank you Liz Weaver for providing some insight to what you do for the community!