Overview & Purpose of Our MamaMoon Volunteers

To provide new mothers with support by visiting them and listening to them. To make her feel important, valued and supported. 


Our best MamaMoon volunteers possess strong active listening skills, are patient and gentle, and have some knowledge of newborn care, postpartum, and breastfeeding/formula feeding. We provide training in these areas as well! Volunteering for MamaMoon is extremely rewarding and has been proven to change the postpartum experience in a positive way for the new mother. 


Helpful Program Information

  • We always require two volunteers visit together.
  • Our volunteers always bring the new mother's favorite drink, snack and flowers. We reimburse all of our volunteers for these items on a monthly basis. 
  • We reimburse 14 cents per mile
  • Visits last 1-3 hours, and on average, about an hour and a half.
  • We require our volunteers attend at least 4 in person visits a year, if visits exist in their area. 
  • Mama Volunteers - We do ask our new mothers if they are comfortable with babies in arms, or children, or both, attending the MamaMoon visits. Many are, and that will allow you to bring along your own children. If a need exists, and the new mother is not comfortable with children, we will consider reimbursing for childcare.
  • When a new mother signs up for a MamaMoon, we ask them to choose days and time frames that work best for her. We then take this information and share it with the local team of volunteers to see who is available to visit. The first two volunteers that sign up are chosen for the visit.

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