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Nurse Mama, Lisa Garcia
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Business Information:
P: 6318386826
A: Serving Nassau and Suffolk, Long Island
FB: Nursemama
We caught up with Lisa and asked her some questions about what makes her so successful.
🌺What inspired you to start this business?
🌸 My love for birth, pregnancy and mother/baby care as it relates to lactation and postpartum support and care.
🌺How long have you been in this business?
🌸 12 years
🌺List all of the services you offer:
🌸Prenatal Education, Lactation Support & Postpartum Support
🌺What keeps you going every day?
🌸 The magic of pregnancy and motherhood.
🌺Out of all of the services that you offer, what would you say is your specialty?
🌸 Lactation/Postpartum
🌺What is your favorite part of your practice?
🌸Getting to help mothers during their pregnancy and motherhood journeys and also connecting with fellow birth workers.
🌺What is the best compliment you received about your business?
🌸 That I am kind, that I make people feel comfortable and I am knowledgeable.
🌺What is one thing you would like us to know about your business?
🌸 I LOVE what I do, its not just a job its who I am and its what gives me fulfillment in my life.
🌺What makes your business unique?
🌸 I am not only a birth worker but also a registered professional nurse with years experience in a hospital setting. I have a wide background of medical knowledge and lots of passion and respect for my career. I worked for many years with mothers and babies before marriage and becoming a mother myself. I feel being a mother now myself really completes my skill set.
Thank you Lisa Montani Garcia for sharing with us and giving us a peek into the incredible work you do for the community!