Meet Nick D'Auria

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We are so happy to introduce Nick D'Auria from @evolutionmedicalmassage
Practice Name: Evolution Medical Massage
Address: 177 East Main St. East Islip, NY 11730
Contact Number: 631-875-3288
We caught up with Nick and asked him some questions about what makes his practice so successful. Tune in!
💆‍♀️List all of the services your business offers
🩺We offer:
Medical Massage
Manual Lymph Drainage
Pregnancy Massage
Trigger Point Therapy
Myofascial Release
Nutritional consultation
💆‍♀️Out of all of the services you offer, what would you say is your specialty?
🩺Manual Lymph Drainage
💆‍♀️What inspired you to start this business/practice?
🩺The desire to heal others.
💆‍♀️How long have you been in this business/practice?
🩺Since 2000
💆‍♀️What keeps you going every day?
🩺I love meeting new people and being part of their health journey.
💆‍♀️What's your favorite part of your business/practice?
🩺Being able to be an actual part of someone’s healing.
💆‍♀️What makes your business/practice unique?
🩺My treatments are a blend of the most effective aspects of many different modalities that has evolved over two decades.
💆‍♀️What is the best compliment you've received about your business/practice?
🩺I'm very fortunate to receive many compliments about my work and I'm grateful for each of them. But the best compliments are always when people say that I've helped them come to the realization that their health is their own responsibility and they themselves have the power to heal themselves...... with a little help, of course.
💆‍♀️What is one thing you would like the community to know about your business/practice?
🩺Throughout my twenty years in the healthcare field, the majority of my patients were focused on injury rehabilitation and sports performance. Over the past few years I've slowly transitioned to making manual lymph drainage and women's health the primary focus of my work. I'm committed to using everything I've learned over this time to be a valuable resource of healing for this community.