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Meet Rachel Parrotta


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This is a feature from Rachel Parrotta from Parrotta Physical Therapy.
A: 1 Village Plaza Ste 204,
Kings Park, NY 11754
We caught up with Rachel Parrotta and asked her some questions about what makes her practice so successful.
🌻List the services you provide
🌹Physical therapy for pregnancy, post-partum and pelvic health conditions.
🌻What inspired you to start this practice?
🌹I have worked in Pelvic Health PT for 11 years as an employee. I am transitioning to my own practice to be able to work closer to my family, including my 2 boys. I first became interested in pelvic health and birth when I started charting my cycles for birth control.
🌻What keeps you going every day?
🌹I am passionate about supporting people in the times around birth. I know how challenging it can be to be a new mom, or any mom and how important support can be.
🌻What is your favorite part about your business?
🌹Showing my clients that they can feel better, and often through things they can do themselves.
🌻What is one thing you would like us to know about your business?
🌹I want to help and support the birthing people of Long Island. This service is what I was born to do in the world.
🌻What is the best compliment you've received about your services?
🌹That I can take a sometimes uncomfortable experience and make it 'painless and enjoyable'. From a client "Rachel made the entire experience painless, easy, and dare-I-say… enjoyable!'
🌻What makes your business unique?
🌹I work to see clients as few times as possible, as my goal is to empower them with strategies they can do themselves.
Thank you Rachel Parrotta for sharing with us and giving us insight to your practice!