Meet Sharon McDermott

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🌾Preferred Provider🌾

This Highlight is for Healthy Healing.

Business Details:

A: 55 Post Avenue Suite 206 Westbury, NY 11590

P: 516-410-4297



We caught up with Sharon McDermott and asked her some questions about what makes her practice so successful.

🌾List the services you provide

🌿Acupuncture and Chinese Herbology, Certified Birth Doula (LIDA) focusing in women's health and fertility, pain and stress management. In addition, provide nutrition and lifestyle counseling, Qi Gong, massage and education classes.

🌾Out of all of the services you provide, what would you say is your specialty?

🌿Licensed Acupuncturist & Chinese Herbologist

🌾What inspired you to start this practice?

🌿Interested in bridging mind/body awareness and a way to heal naturally.

🌾How long have you been in this business?

🌿16 years, 9 months

🌾What keeps you going every day?

🌿I am inspired to help other people attain a healthier life style and be free from pain. I am excited about providing services to women to help them attain their family plan. I help women to get pregnant and stay pregnant. I want women to stay empowered about their health, pregnancy, labor and birth experiences.

🌾What is your favorite part about your business?

🌿Having successful outcomes when treating people and talking to them about their life goals.

🌾What is one thing you would like us to know about your practice?

🌿I would like people to know they have options to take care of their health.

🌾What is the best compliment you've received about your services?

🌿I spend the time to listen and provide effective treatment.

🌾What makes your business unique?

🌿 My business is person centered, not disease center like most Western medicine. I take the time to listen to the patient and provide individual solutions. It is important to build trust so that a relationship can grow to provide good outcomes of treatment.

🌾Do you have any special announcements that you want to share with the community?

🌿I will be providing more educational classes on line through Zoom.