Tara Howe

Meet Tara Howe from Sweet T's Apothecary

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We are so happy to introduce @Tara Howe from Sweet T’s Apothecary LLC!
Business Name: Sweet T's Apothecary
Contact Number: 516-835-6249
Email: sweettsapothecary@gmail.com
We caught up with Tara and asked her some questions about what makes her business so successful. Tune in!
🌿What is Sweet T's Apothecary?
🌱Sweet T's offers natural remedies, wellness products, herbs, tonics, Immunity products, and postpartum care. We also offer hand on workshops including fire cider, elderberry syrup and gummies, organic gardening consultations, and fermentation.
🌿Out of all of the services you offer, what would you say is your specialty?
🌱Out of all the products and services I offer, the fermentation workshop is my specialty! Anything to do with probiotics and the microbiome is really where one's health starts.
🌿What inspired you to start this business/practice?
🌱What really inspired me to start my business and become public, was wanting to help other families bring in natural remedies to their home. By supplying the basic immune boosting items it helps to ensure cleaner products and safer remedies for all ages.
🌿How long have you been in this business/practice?
🌱since 2018
🌿What keeps you going every day?
🌱My children and my passion for herbs!
🌿What's your favorite part of your business/practice?
🌱Involving my kids in the aspects of growing, packaging, learning, and inner self growth that happens when bringing wellness to others.
🌿What makes your business/practice unique?
🌱Growing some of the ingredients from seed, and watching them blossom into a finished product. This allows me to have much more control over the quality from start to finish.
🌿What is the best compliment you've received about your business/practice?
🌱There have been so many amazing complements over the years! My favorite kind is when we hear how our remedies helped infants and children bounce back from sickness and make astounding recoveries.
🌿What is one thing you would like the community to know about your business/practice?
How much love and passion we put into every aspect of our product. Every item is hand made and used even in our own home by my family.
🌿Do you have any special announcements that you want to share with the community?