You planned your birth. It was put into a perfect plan.

And then, birth happens.

And you realize things don't go to plan.

Everyone starts to tell you that at least you are healthy and you have a healthy baby. You suspect that is supposed to make you feel better... but you feel empty and bruised.

A healthy mama & baby are the most important thing BUT they aren't the only important thing... how you birth matters. How you are treated and respected during your birth...matters. And it's okay to feel sad and it's okay to mourn your birth.


The first step to healing is to reach out to the community. You are not alone. There are other people, including Jenn Barry, that have experienced birth trauma that want to hear your story. Birth and Beyond Resources hosts support workshops every month. Contact us today to find out when the next circle takes place by emailing or contacting 22-HELPSMOM 224-357-7666 (text friendly). Our VBAC workshop is now virtual! For a small donation, you will have access to vital information to help plan your VBAC.