We are so happy to introduce our next preferred provider, Wendie Pasterick Aston with Green on the Scene Wellness & Fertility!
Business Name: Green on the Scene Wellness & Fertility
PO Box 494 Locust Valley, NY
office in Westbury, NY
Contact Number: 917-495-8821
Email: wendieaston@gmail.com
We caught up with Wendie Pasterick Aston and asked her some questions about what makes her business so successful. Tune in!
🥦What type of business is Green on the Scene Wellness & Fertility?
🥬Fertility, Women's Wellness, Nutritional Support, Reiki Master, Tuning Forks, HypnoBirthing, Hypnosis for Fertility, Green Consulting
🥦List all of the services your business offers
🥬Fertility, Women's Wellness, Hormone Balance, Postpartum Support, Nutritional Support, Reiki Master, Tuning Forks, HypnoBirthing, Hypnosis for Fertility, Green Consulting, Essential Oils, Gluten Free lifestyle
🥦Out of all of the services you offer, what would you say is your specialty?
🥬Fertility/Women's Wellness
🥦️What inspired you to start this business?
🥬My own fertility journey of infertility, secondary infertility, misscarriages, misdiagnoses.
🥦How long have you been in this business/practice?
🥬since 2012
🥦What keeps you going every day?
🥬my kids, being able to help others fulfill their dream of parenthood.
🥦What's your favorite part of your business?
🥬playing detective and figuring out what may be blocking fertility.
🥦What makes your business unique?
🥬I spend alot of time with clients educating them at a pace they are ready for. Not everything can be done at once for everyone. It can be overwhelming to make changes and I support their journey step by step.
🥦What is the best compliment you've received about your business/practice?
🥬That my book or my advice helped someone get pregnant when they were ready for donor eggs and they got pregnant naturally.
🥦What is one thing you would like the community to know about your business?
🥬 There is hope for fertility. Not everyone has an easy time but with the right support, mindset, diet, and lifestyle, maybe by just changing one thing, it may be the right recipe for success.
🥦Do you have any special announcements that you want to share with the community?
🥬to share with the community?
I will be at the Health & Freedom Summit in Atlantic City May 23
I am planning to start a group class for women to boost fertility in addition to private coaching. Stay tuned.
🥦Thank you Wendie for providing some insight to what you do for the community!🥬