What is Birth & Beyond Education

birth and beyond

Are you interested in a birth education class that will not only prepare you for labor but help you and your partner find the beauty of birth?❤

Do you think an interactive class where a specialized, certified coach who is teaching with your best interests in mind is appealing?❤

Would you want to know how to set up your birth environment, hospital or home, in order to improve your satisfaction with your birth experience?❤

What about learning not just about the birth event but also about what to expect during your postpartum period, how to care for your newborn in a naturally minded way, and support with postpartum mood and anxiety disorders?❤

We will connect you with a village of resources and personal support! ❤

We created Birth & Beyond Childbirth Education with the intent of helping birthers and their partners not only find the beauty of birth but also help them navigate pregnancy and postpartum.

Each class is designed to help you and your partner become advocates for the birth you envision.

This course is like no other childbirth education course out there! The curriculum is detailed, inclusive, naturally minded, and evidence based. Each course comes with a beautiful, full color 150+ page student workbook and a dedicated, trained and certified birth coach.

Planning a hospital birth? You will find our information surrounding how to set up your environment priceless.

Planning a home birth? We have dedicated an entire workshop with what to expect, what to get, and how to prepare your home for the birth as well as postpartum.

Wanting a VBAC? It's our specialty. We have an add on workshop on how to find your birth team, how to find out if you're the right candidate, and how to heal from past birth(s).

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Meet our team of amazing, dedicated Certified Childbirth Educators! Available for private, group, & virtual courses.

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Go Virtual

Our course has gone virtual... but this is a virtual course like no other! Every couple that enrolls in our virtual Birth & Beyond Education course receives a special stork kit in the mail with lots of surprises as well as one on one time with their assigned coach!

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Class Curriculum:

  • Pregnancy Wellness
  • Labor
  • Variations
  • Partner Support
  • Birth Environment
  • Coping Techniques
  • Labor Rehearsal
  • Postpartum
  • Baby

Optional Add On Workshops:

  • Home Births
  • VBAC
  • Breastfeeding
  • PMADs


Pregnancy Wellness


Partner Support

Variations of Labor

Birth Environment & Coping Techniques

Birth Environment

Postpartum including PMAD & Planning


Labor Rehearsal & Positioning

Home Birth

More Details on Our Curriculum

Please reach out to one of our certified educators for the password to gain some more insight on our full curriculum