Postpartum Workshop

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Postpartum Workshop

1 year of access

Welcome to the Postpartum Workshop 

What to expect once baby is here

What is a PMAD?

Types of PMADs

PMAD Steps to Wellness

Planning for Your Postpartum

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What Others Have Said

PMAD workshop
By: okeeffe3

By Geri O'Keeffe This workshop was well informative and covered a lot of ground. I volunteer for the Postpartum Resource Center of NY and I am a postpartum doula. I learned more things from this workshop. It was very well organized and detailed.

Great Information!
By: Morgan3of5

Love these courses! Jenn is an amazing teacher!

By: SimplyWholeHeartedBirthing

I like the workshop. It had a clear overview of the different types on PMAD. I would like to find a print out that I can share of a plan of action and a quick tips reference guide to help with managing symptoms and when to seek professional help verse just work on wellness. Just some thoughts. I hope to share this workshop with mamas in the future that I are pregnant and I love that it’s an easier way to help spread more info on PMADs.

PMAD workshop
By: jillian.veverka

Was a wonderful workshop!

Types of PMAD Disorders, Symptoms, Treatment & Steps to Wellness

Overall, the PMAD workshop was helpful in clearly and concisely reviewing types of PMAD disorder symptoms, identification, treatment and steps to take to wellness. I learned more about types of bipolar disorders and the range of symptoms and treatment.