A complete VBAC workshop designed to help you make informed decisions and give you all of the tools you need when planning for your VBAC birth.

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VBAC Workshop

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VBAC workshop
By: lilbeck213

This course was great for providing facts about VBACs and how to feel empowered to do your own research. It touched on so many important topics like getting a copy of your hospital records to nutrition to GBS and gestational diabetes. It helped me think of all the things I had forgotten about from my first pregnancy and how I can turn it around this time yo make for a more successful birth. It also helped me feel like I wasn’t alone in what happened in my first birth. It took me a long time to heal from that and I know I am still healing, but this course inspired me to prepare my best for a VBAC and be ok if I need a repeat c-section. I’m grateful that I had to opportunity to take this workshop to help myself be more prepared and empowered for a VBAC!

Helps to process
By: emondello617

This workshop really lays out a helpful process to navigate birth trauma and prepare yourself physically and mentally for a VBAC. 'Rewriting your story' is something that has really resonated with me. It took me nearly 3 years from my unplanned and traumatic cesarean birth to request my records from the hospital, as I am no longer with my former provider. Being able to see what happened, and write it a different way to match the birth that I so longed and prepared for, has made me reclaim some of the power that had been so quickly stripped from me. I feel more confident going into preparing for VBAC because I have statistics and facts, and will not be at the same risk of sticking with a provider who does not take into account any of my preferences. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who needs to process birth trauma, and certainly anyone preparing to VBAC. Thank you as always to the Birth and Beyond Team for creating this course. As always, it is high quality and informative, and always my first recommendation for my pregnant friends/family members + their partners.

Very Helpful

This course was great in helping me work through my thoughts and emotions from my first pregnancy/labor. Even though my son is 2, I still had a lot of processing to go through and I didn't know where to start. I am glad I was able to take this workshop prior to getting pregnant with number 2 because I feel more in control now. Even though I am not yet pregnant, I feel I am already setting myself up for a successful VBAC whenever that time comes. I now know what questions to ask and hopefully I can take this information and find a VBAC supportive provider pre-pregnancy. I appreciated the resources provided as well. I liked how this workshop is virtual and I was able to pause and come back to it when I was ready. There were points where I needed to take a break to process my thoughts (mostly while writing my birth story) and I returned another day to finish up. I feel very empowered to ask the right questions, be my own advocate and find support where I need it. Thank you!

VBAC workshop

This course is great for anyone who is willing to try vaginal delivery after C/S because it provides all necessary information where the women have to start and what to ask when finding a VBAC supportive provider and doula. Personally I had trouble finding an OB who is VBAC supportive. It is almost impossible on Long Island. I though that info about ICAN was helpful as well as other VBAC resources. The program is great because it is not overvelming but provides short videos with pictures and all the facts related to VBAC (risk factors, doula, in hospital requirement -hep lock and monitoring). When I had a second child, I was pushed by the OB into induction that lead to c/s. From this course I learned that it is OK to switch a provider even at the end of pregnancy if he changes his mind about natural birth ( before my second delivery I was told if don't come for induction, I have to look for a new doctor at 40 weeks ). This stressed me so much so I decided to go for induction crying all night). For any women, I would definitely recommend this course that I honestly did not even know that these classes exist because nowadays not many know that there are options other than repeat c/s or women are just so scary because they were told that it is not safe. In addition, I learned that c/s has many more risks than VBAC. This class empowered me and I am looking forward for my VBAC birth in 3 weeks!!!

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  1. Megan says:

    I felt this workshop was beneficial to me gearing up for my next pregnancy. Not only to help me choose a provider, but to know what questions to ask and how to better advocate for myself in regard to having a VBAC. I’ve been having difficultly finding an OB that is supportive of a VBAC, and the workshop gave me some insight as to who may better serve me in this area (ie: hiring a doula or using a midwife instead of an OBGYN). The information is clear, and is short sweet and to the point. It held my attention, and didn’t leave me with questions after it was completed. I highly recommend it if you are preparing for a VBAC in the near or distant future.

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