Why do we require you to take the Birth & Beyond Childbirth Educator training FIRST?

You might be saying... I have no interest in becoming a Childbirth Educator, so why do I need to become one first prior to becoming a doula? 

We feel that as a Birth & Beyond Doula, you need to be well educated on the process of birth, all of the ways to cope with labor, the interventions we encounter, what we experience during the postpartum time, breastfeeding, home births, and so on and so forth. Because of this, we know you'll feel incredibly prepared going into your Doula career having the educational background as a CBE (Certified Childbirth Educator). You might even discover, after taking the training, that you want to offer education as part of your package. 

Whatever it is, we are here for you if you have any questions.

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Difficulty: Intermediate


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What Others Have Said

Amazing Course!!
By: carissa.calder

This course was so interesting and full of knowledge, I loved that I was able to complete it at my own pace, I highly recommend!

Amazing Course

I took this Doula course after I took the Childbirth Educator Course (also amazing). This class is informative and gives a doula in training all the tools they need to help their clients before, during, and after labor. The course encompasses all aspects of being a birth And postpartum doula but is not too difficult to take if you have a busy schedule. Jenn Barry also made herself available to answer questions and help when I needed. I highly recommend taking this course if you’re looking to become certified

Convenient, Organized, Intriguing

This course was so amazing to be able to complete at my own pace. All of the information was well layed out and easy to understand. It was organized and so intriguing. Being able to learn in own time was invaluable. 10 out 10 recommend this training. It'a amazing.