We love this bag because it's water proof, BIG, and easy to carry. It also is inexpensive and has a tag on it that says, Everyday, everywhere, I'm with you. LOVE!

Colorful Throw

We know that adding a splash of color brings warmth to an otherwise cold, clinical, and white hospital room.

Sheer Linen Cloth

Adding in a soft, sheer cloth to the birth space is key to hiding things you don't want your client focused on... possibly the screens or IV stands in the room.

THE Comb

One of the most treasured items in the bag, the comb... and it's not for hair. It is used to grip with the teeth of the comb on the palm. It hits pressure points that not only relieve pain but also gives your client a sense of control over the situation.

Spinning Babies Quick Reference Guide

Very helpful for newer Doulas wondering what positions and techniques can be done for different phases of labor.

Extra extra extra long bendy straws

Did we mention these are extra long? Most hospitals do not have straws at all any longer and your client shouldn't even have to move their head to get a sip of water. Make it easy, grab these straws!

Eye Masks

Ever try to sleep in a hospital during labor, or worse, after? Everyone always coming in every 2 minutes to check on something. Throw on one of these super comfy eye bras and people will tip toe around your room! 

Foldable Fan

These are so incredible for birth... for one, your client will probably be hot at one point during their labor and this allows for a nice, cool breeze... but also, there is an element of being a 'Goddess', of being taken care of that is unmatched by someone fanning you.

Nukkles or Other Handheld Massage Tool

This is an absolute must for the stroking massage. It works best on clothing, not so much on bare skin. You can get the nukkles from Amazon or you can purchase the hand held massage tool pictures at Dollar Tree.

LED Candles

These candles are actually WAX candles with LED lighting inside. I've been asked to blow out the candles in a hospital, that's how real they look!

Battery Operated Fairy Lights

You'll be amazed at how these lights can transform the birth space and they last a long time! They are simple to put up and take down.

Honey Sticks

These are easy to eat and will give your client the gentle boost they need to keep going!

Authentic Rebozo

A must in every Doula's bag!

Hair Ties

You can never go wrong with having extra hair ties in your bag, for you or your client. These are easy on the hair!


There is nothing more distracting than being in labor and having hair in your eyes. Be the saving grace by having extra headbands in your Doula bag... bonus! These are super cute.

Nature - Flowers

These vases are easy to set up for either fake/real flowers! It's an awesome way to add a spark of nature to the birth space. Purchase the fake flowers here.

Birth Affirmations

Whenever possible, we love for our clients to make their own birth affirmation flags but just in case, you should have some affirmations to add to the birth space. Laminate them so they don't get all curly in your bag.

Mini Bags

We just love these for keeping everything in your HUGE bag of tricks organized. They are cloth so they don't disrupt your client as you're searching for something.

Essential Oils

We recommend four base oils for labor:

  • Clary Sage (to get contractions to intensify)
  • Peppermint (for nausea and helping to urinate)
  • Lavender/Calm
  • Tangerine (for energy)

Scalp Massage Tool

OMG does this feel fantastic... the awesome equivalent to someone playing with your hair.

Other Personal Items to Add to Your Bag