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What is your estimated due date or date baby was born/adopted?
Aug 23, 2022
Are you planning on or are you breastfeeding?
What is your biggest concern about your postpartum period?
Rushing it! For my first two births, I found myself wanting to "get back to normal" and I suffered a bit emotionally because of this I think.
What is your favorite drink (tea, coffee, etc) and how do you take it?
herbal teas, black coffee, unsweetened ice tea
What's your favorite snack?
dried fruit, nuts, veggies, hummus, fruit,
Do you have any food allergies?
gluten & dairy
What did we miss? Please tell us what us we should know:
I have two toddlers at home already!
How did you find out about MamaMoon?
Birth and Beyond Home birth course