Shannon Cullen

Shannon Cullen

Meet Shannon Cullen

I’m Shannon Cullen & I live in Brookhaven.

I'm a mom of two (5 & 3) married to my first love and I went to school for counseling.

I currently work at a high school as a secretary for the attendance office, I'm off summers which is the best thing ever and I will start working on becoming a CLC.

I used to work at a deli where I met my husband.

I've always wanted to ride in a helicopter.

I would say my talent is dancing like no one is watching. I just like to have fun and enjoy myself.

My interest especially lately after the kids are sleeping is to watch Netflix but that gets dangerous I have to turn it off... I also enjoy yoga hanging with my friends and talking about anything related to birthing, breast-feeding, babies, mamas and what we go through.

The reason I want to be a volunteer is because I dealt with PPD after my first was born. Then again a year after my 2nd was born (weaning can have a major affect on hormones). It's a scary place that no one likes. Even if you don't have PPD I feel like we all might have some form of it... you can feel all alone when you have this little bundle relying on you and it's scary. I am grateful that I have a support network a great family and friends. I know not everybody has that so if I can help someone I would like to.