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A few questions to research while researching the risks of circumcision:

Did you know that about 50% of the boys in NY state and 70% of the male population are left intact? That number is growing with more and more families choosing to research what is best for their child.

Before choosing to circumcise your son, it’s important that you are able to answer a few basic questions about circumcision and the procedure.

Birth and Beyond Resources recommends the website for up to date information.

What are the functions of the foreskin?
Do we all have foreskin?
Would I consider altering my child if she was a girl?
What is a circumstraint?
What are the Gomco, Plastibell, and Mogen clamp?
What are the immediate and long term complications?
Do major world health organizations recommend it?
Can newborns be given proper pain relief?
Does pain alter a newborn’s brain?
Is it difficult to care for a newborn’s intact penis?
Does it matter if a newborn doesn’t look like his father?
Is there an alternative ceremony to a bris?

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Remember, it is NEVER ok to retract an intact penis. Make sure you have an intact friendly pediatrician. The Pediatricians we have listed are all intact friendly.